Top fashion influencers to follow on Depop in 2020

Christmas and the new season are fast approaching and for many of us that also means a switch up in our wardrobe styles. Whether you’re moving into the chilly scene of winter or entering a more sunny period in the Southern hemisphere, now is the time to seek out some fresh style inspiration. Whilst many fashion bloggers can be found channeling their style, beauty and lifestyle tips over on Tiktok or Instagram, we’re here to recommend some of our favourite Depop fashion influencers you can also buy from. Combining ebay with Instagram, Depop is a truly 2020 way to follow fashion trends. The site boasts over 4.5 million users, with each user selling an average of one item every four second, making it one of the internet’s most used and most successful resell fashion e-commerce platforms. Much of the site’s popularity comes from its ethical and sustainable focus from many of its users promoting second hand clothes. Depop is here to make thrift trendy again. 

So who is catching our eye this month? Let’s find out!

 Based in the USA, Ugli clothing is a brand selling 90s neon cardigans and crop tops amongst some standout jewelry pieces. Its bright pop aesthetic is sprinkled with just a touch of irony, keeping the brand’s edge of cool intact as it markets itself to a fresh-faced teenage audience. 

Fiona Short ships worldwide from the United Kingdom. Her curated selection of 90s and 00s rave wear and cartoon sweaters is available to purchase from anywhere in the world and is promised to be shipped with fully recyclable packaging. 

Ann Kim, or andyheart as she’s known on Depop, is a follow for those interested in a more minimal and mature style. The fashionista’s sleek style sees a muted colour palette of earthy browns and sensuous greys contrast with starker black and white monochrome pieces.